Friday, March 22, 2024

Prep For the Season with Tigress Outriggers & Gear

As the temperatures rise, anglers have one thing on their mind – fishing. Tigress Outriggers & Gear makes prepping for a successful fishing season easier with their gear and accessories.

Whether planning to kite fish or troll the Gulf Stream, Tigress offers multiple options to accelerate the chance of success and allow offshore anglers to head into the year with confidence in their fishing spread. Tigress's outrigger systems provide all-inclusive choices for various boat sizes when heading out into the deep blue to chase those pelagic fish.

Tigress’ Seasucker units include the Release Clip and the Cam Cleat. The Seasucker Portable Release Clip utilizes seasucker vacuum mount technology to secure to a transom or any flat surface. It keeps lines down out of the wind and baits in the water while allowing for a short drop back after fish strikes. The Seasucker Portable Cam Cleat also uses seasucker vacuum mount technology to secure any flat surface. It’s perfect for securing outrigger halyards, both while fishing and in running positions. It also attaches to fenders, floats, and other surfaces.

Tigress’ Come Aboard Handle is perfect for safely boarding and unboarding crafts. It is made out of anodized 6061 aluminum, with finger-molded aluminum handles for a comfortable grip. It fits into a standard 1 5/8″ rod holder and includes a Gimbal butt for locking in the rod holder. Finally, their XD Flag Poles include a Gimbal butt to make flying in any rod holder a breeze. They are made of anodized aluminum, are easy to store, and fit standard 1-5/8” rod holders.

No matter the fish and no matter the style, head over to Tigress today to get all the necessary gear and equipment for a successful year of reeling them in and filling those fish boxes.

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TIGRESS Seasucker Portable Release Clip


• Utilizes Seasucker Vacuum Mount Technology

• Secures To Transom Or Any Flat Surface

• Keeps Lines Down Out Of Wind And Baits In The Water

• Allows For A Short Drop Back After Fish Strikes


• MSRP $119.99

• SKU 88449

TIGRESS Seasucker Portable Cam Cleat


• Utilizes Seasucker Vacuum Mount Technology

• Secures To Any Flat Surface

• Perfect For Securing Outrigger Halyards, Both While Fishing And In Running Position

• Also Attaches To Fenders, Floats, Etc.


• MSRP $149.99

• SKU 88450

TIGRESS Come Aboard Handle


• Perfect For Safely Boarding And Unboarding Boats

• Made Out Of Anodized 6061 Aluminum

• Finger Molded Aluminum Handles For Comfort Grip

• Fits Into Standard 1 5/8″ Rod Holder

• Gimbal Butt For Locking In Rod Holder


• MSRP $329.99

• SKU 88416



• Gimbal Butt For Flying In Any Rod Holder

• Made Of Anodized Aluminum

• Easy To Store

• Fits Standard 1-5/8” Rod Holder


• MSRP $64.99 – $161.99