Friday, March 17, 2023

OUTERWILD Emerges as the Firearm Manufacturer

New ownership enthusiastically announces OUTERWILD, formerly known as DRG Manufacturing. As a U.S. leader in the firearm component industry, our new brand name and line of firearms were launched at the 2023 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas. OUTERWILD is committed to delivering innovation with corrosion-resistant finishes and reliability resulting in precision-driven, American-made products. As a total solution manufacturing facility, OUTERWILD MFG will continue to produce an extensive lineup of high-demand products including bolt carrier groups, lower and upper receivers, barrels, handguards, muzzle brakes, and bolts. Coming March 20th, Dealers and builders will be able to purchase OEM parts for AR15, AR10, and AR9 platforms on our website formerly

“For years, we’ve quietly built our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with one mission; to make only the finest precision-crafted components,” said Stacy Paras, Owner of OUTERWILD.

“Using 100% American-made materials and with a focus on quality and craftsmanship, we’ve honed our craft providing components to some of the most respected companies in the firearm industry, which we still supply today. Behind these success stories, we now emerge to introduce our own OUTERWILD brand to equip outdoor adventure seekers with high-quality, corrosion-resistant firearms and components made to withstand the harshest of environments.”

For more information about OUTERWILD, please follow OUTERWILD’s firearms Instagram (outerwild_usa) and Facebook (outerwild.usa) and OUTERWILD’s MFG capabilities Instagram (outerwildmfg) and Facebook.

Join us at NRA April 14-16 at booth 6172 and visit us online