Friday, September 15, 2023

Bow Spider-Alpine Bow Slicker

Modern compound bows are intricate pieces of equipment, with rotating cams, cables, and strings that can be damaged if carelessly transported both in your vehicle and in the field. When transported you want your bow protected at all times. In the field, you want your bow to be protected, yet easily accessible. The new co-branded Bow Spider-Alpine Bow Slicker™ is the answer.

The Bow Spider-Alpine Bow Slicker is ultralight yet incredibly durable and designed to fit most compound bows on the market with parallel limbs ranging from a 24-36-inch axle-to-axle length. Mesh loops easily wrap around the limbs of the bow and a pocket of durable fabric slips over your cams. The sleeve is made with elastic in the hem to allow for a more secure grip around the bow while also making it easy and quick to remove. It can be used both individually or in conjunction with the Bow Spider Bow Packing System, which is sold separately.

The new Bow Spider/Alpine Bow Slicker has a suggested retail price of $79.95 and can be conveniently purchased online at or by Clicking Here. Be sure to order your Bow Spider-Alpine Bow Slicker now, so this hunting season your bow is quiet and secure, yet accessible when you need it for that perfect shot.

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