Friday, January 14, 2022

Meprolight Exhibiting At The 2022 SHOT Show

“Meprolight® is excited to participate in this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas. After having SHOT Show cancelled last year due to COVID, we are looking forward to visiting with friends and our loyal customers. Because of our dealer network, Meprolight® had a banner year. We’ve entered the new year strong, and with the launch of new products at the show, 2022 will be even better…...and take advantage of our special show pricing”, Bill Yerby, G.M. & V.P. Sales & Marketing Meprolight U.S.A.

Stop by booth # 20039 to see the iconic products that helped make Meprolight® the industry’s leading manufacturer of red dot / reflex optics, self-illuminated sights for pistols, rifles, shotguns and even grenade launchers. Rifle products like the MEPRO M21 that is totally self-powered by Fiber-Optics during the day and tritium by night. No batteries needed. Or the MEPRO RDS Pro V2, rugged and reliable, powered by two AA batteries providing thousands of hours of use. Both are standard issue to the Israeli Defense Forces as well as militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Check out the innovative FT Bullseye™ Front sight for pistols—only the front sight is used, allowing the user to acquire the target faster. Based on front-sight focus training, as soon as you see the dot in the circle, you’re on target. No rear sight is used or needed. Fiber-Optics and tritium powered; no batteries are needed. Always on. Always Ready.

Saving the best to last, while you are in the booth, check out the new 2022 products being launched at the show. See how innovation coupled with quality state-of-the-art manufacturing result in tough, dependable products you can depend on. Ask about Special Show Pricing and Terms. E-mail us at if you’d like to make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information on becoming a valued Meprolight® dealer, visit How To Become A Dealer or call (717) 985-4482.

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