Friday, September 15, 2023

ZeroTech Optics partners with Kenton Industries

ZeroTech has joined forces with Kenton Industries, the leader in custom turret technology, to offer its customers adjustable scope turret upgrades.

The partnership means shooters will have access to fully customizable ZeroTech Turrets tailored to suit their firearm, scope, environmental conditions and ammunition type. Kenton Industries makes customizable turrets for just the Trace and Trace ADV series of riflescopes, maximizing each scope’s precision to improve accuracy. Today’s shooters have high expectations - firearm optics must meet these demands. A made-to-order turret is the superior solution that adds value for shooters and helps them get the most out of their riflescopes.

Customizable scope turret upgrades improve shooting ability by increasing accuracy over long distances. Simply locate the target, dial the distance, and take the shot - without the need to convert clicks to distance. Delivering fast, easy target engagement, the upgrade gives users more time to focus on shooting form and shot placement. Kenton turrets are proven to perform under all conditions. They’re manufactured by experienced craftsmen to meet ZeroTech’s exact quality specifications.

To customize their product, customers select their preferred upgrade option in a two phased approach.

  • Direct Sales via Kenton Industries: In the initial phase, customers can directly purchase our custom turrets from Kenton Industries' website. This ensures a seamless buying experience and guarantees the authenticity of the product.
  • Exclusive One-Time Use Codes: In the subsequent phase, Kenton Industries will generate unique one-time use codes, presented in a business card-sized artwork. ZeroTech Optics will leverage these codes to drive sales through its extensive dealer network, offering customers exclusive deals and promotions.

“ZeroTech International prides itself on listening to and putting into action our customers' needs, Kenton customizable turrets are just one of the many options we will be adding to our 2023 catalogue. The new Kenton turrets will enable ZeroTech customers to customize their riflescope to match the ballistic needs of their rifle.” Ben Clarke, ZeroTech International

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