Friday, September 24, 2021

Weatherby Announces 20 Gauge Orion Shotguns

Expanding on the popular Weatherby® Orion® line of shotguns are the addition of three 20 gauge variants built on a smaller, dedicated action. Mirroring the current line of 12 gauge offerings but in a much more svelte form, the Orion 20 gauge will be available in two field versions and one Sporting version tuned for clay shooting.

The field versions of the Orion can be had with 26” barrels and a matte finish on the metalwork and wood or with 28” barrel length with gloss finishes. The Orion Sporting carries a 30” set of ported barrels, gloss finish to both wood and metal as well as a four-way adjustable comb to enable shooters to fine-tune the fit of the shotgun for a more natural aim.

With a newly-designed, dedicated 20 gauge action, the 28” field version tips the scales at a well-balanced 6.2 lbs, while the Sporting model adds 5 ounces and a more deliberate swing.

Equipped with auto ejectors, a mechanical trigger and a manual safety, the Orion has a selectable barrel system that allows the shooter to choose which barrel fires first. Fit with Turkish walnut, field guns feature a gentle Prince of Wales grip, while the Sporting model carries a standard pistol grip. Checkering is precision cut and 22 LPI to afford good grip no matter the conditions.

Orion shotguns are shipped with a set of interchangeable chokes (flush-mount on field guns and extended/knurled on the Sporting model). These factory chokes are rated for steel shot up to the Modified constriction.

“This Orion 20 gauge has been the single most requested shotgun customers have been asking for. We are excited with how well it feels and performs and we look forward to seeing people hitting the field with them this fall.” - Luke Thorkildsen - VP of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development.

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