Friday, June 4, 2021

Silencer Shop 4473 Cloud to Their Suite of “Powered By” Services

Designed to save time, space, and money for FFLs nationwide, Silencer Shop adds 4473 Cloud to their suite of Powered By services. As a platform-agnostic system, 4473 Cloud digitally stores ATF Form 4473’s securely in the cloud.

As the most versatile cloud storage system offered to the firearms industry, 4473 Cloud provides a modern digital storage solution to help FFL businesses thrive. 4473 Cloud digitizes FFL owners’ essential daily tasks for a more efficient workflow.

“Coming from decades of experience working with FFL’s, I noticed a huge gap when it came to 4473 storage. Because you have to keep these ATF Forms for up to 20 years, paperwork can pile up quickly,” says Travis Glover, 4473 Cloud’s co-founder. “We wanted to offer a solution that is versatile, streamlined and just makes sense, and 4473 Cloud fits the bill.”

Business owners can now access their 4473’s remotely using 4473 Cloud’s centrally located file storage. They also have the benefit of opening up and utilizing prime real estate that was previously required for long-term storage of these forms.

“4473 Cloud being platform-agnostic is what sets it apart from other digital storage solutions. We’ve worked hard to ensure that 4473 Cloud works with all e4473 software, and securely stores your files. We’ve also added searchable fields for quick access and audits. It’s really a game changer for FFLs,” says Dave Matheny, Silencer Shop owner and 4473 Cloud co-founder.

With an approved ATF variance, which 4473 Cloud will assist with, FFL dealers can take full advantage of 4473 Cloud’s services; including: self mock-audit functionality, instant ATF Trace completion, assignment of forms to employees for review, track potential compliance misses, and a full audit trail of changes made to each 4473.

FFL dealers can save up to 50% off their current operational costs by using 4473 Cloud’s services. Digitally storing documents as opposed to printing, FFL dealers save on paper, ink, filing folders, storage boxes and the cost of storing decades worth of paperwork.

With flexible storage options based on FFL volume, 4473 Cloud is scalable to grow as your FFL businesses grows. To learn more about 4473 Cloud’s services, visit