Friday, March 26, 2021

NovX .380 Auto Poly/Copper Ammo Available at Midway USA

NovX™, the industry leader in advanced-technology ammunition, is now shipping its innovative poly/copper training and defense .380 Auto ammunition exclusively to Midway USA. The NovX Cross Trainer/Competition and Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense ammo for handguns chambered in .380 Auto joins the NovX 9mm poly/copper ammo currently offered by Midway USA.

NovX bullets are constructed from an advanced polymer/copper matrix engineered to deliver predictable terminal performance for training and competition as well as home and self-defense applications. Harder than either lead or copper, NovX projectiles are lighter and faster than conventional ammo for reduced carry weight and quicker follow-up shots. Engineered terminal performance means NovX bullets are intended to break apart upon impact with hard objects while delivering devastating results on soft targets.

Further contributing to NovX ammunition’s leading performance is the SST NAS3 cartridge case. This lightweight case features a stainless steel and aluminum construction that exceeds the performance of conventional brass cases. Reduced case expansion delivers higher projectile velocities and downrange impact energy along with more precise cartridge alignment in the chamber for improved accuracy. Additional benefits of the NovX 2-piece high nickel stainless steel case design include overall improved efficiency, reduced carry weight, faster cycling, and less fouling along with ballistically-matched performance between the Engagement: Extreme and Cross Trainer/Competition cartridges.

NovX Engagement: Extreme ammo was developed for personal defense applications. This 56-grain engineered frangible poly/copper bullet has a fluted profile that offers maximum primary wound channel cavitation in soft tissue and delivers impressive secondary wound channeling upon breakup in the target. The .380 Auto Engagement: Extreme is available with standard pressure (1300 fps/210 ft/lbs, $24.99 box of 20) or +P (1400 fps/244 ft/lbs, $26.99 box of 20). Case count is 200 rounds.

NovX Cross Trainer Competition ammo is ideally suited for training and target shooting. In .380 Auto, the Cross Trainer Competition utilizes 60-grain poly/copper bullets with a muzzle velocity of 1300 fps and 225 ft/lbs of energy. MSRP is $22.49 for a 20-round box and the ammo is available in 200 rounds per case.

While NovX ammunition is engineered around the special requirements of defense professionals, the advantages of Engagement: Extreme and Cross Trainer Competition’s poly/copper matrix projectiles and advanced 2-piece high nickel stainless steel case design are equally suited to the needs of beginners, home and personal defense practitioners, as well as top-level competitive shooters.

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