Friday, January 13, 2023

Taurus USA Releases TX22 Compact

Following on the heels of the wildly successful TaurusTX™ 22 full size, Taurus USA is upping the ante in the 22 LR game again, this time with the all new TaurusTX™ 22 Compact.

People loved the TaurusTX™ 22 full size so much they started demanding a compact version, which is ideal for people with smaller hands and the bold folks opting to carry a 22 LR pistol. Regardless of which of those you are, you’ll love the TaurusTX™ 22 Compact’s 13 round staggered column magazine. You’ll also love the slide-mounted mini-red dot sight mount that accepts optics fitting the Holosun K footprint.

Additionally, the TaurusTX™ 22 Compact features a suppressor ready threaded barrel, as well as the same industry-standard sights you’ll find on the GX4 Family of pistols. The trigger is just as good as you’ve come to expect from the TaurusTX™ 22 family, breaking cleanly with no stacking.

The TaurusTX™ 22 Compact continues Taurus’ commitment to excellent by providing another reliable, affordable firearm for American gun owners. With an MSRP of $399.99, the TaurusTX™ 22 Compact is sure to be another huge hit for Taurus.

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