Friday, October 15, 2021

GUNS Magazine Podcast Celebrates 2nd Anniversary & 100th Episode

GUNS Magazine Podcast is celebrating its second anniversary since launching November 2019, as well as its recently published 100th episode. Hosted by GUNS Magazine Editor, Brent T. Wheat, the weekly podcast features interviews with industry professionals, discussions on current events and trends and good old-fashioned “gun talk.”

“Hitting the 100th episode is exceptionally gratifying, especially today when you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a podcaster in the face,” jests Wheat. “There are plenty of choices out there and for listeners to continue coming to the GUNS Magazine Podcast in huge numbers is incredible — and very satisfying to me personally.”

Joining Wheat for the 100th episode, “Gunwriting Behind The Scenes,” were the balance of FMG Publications’ resident Gun Cranks, American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale and Special Assignments Editor Roy Huntington. In honor of the occasion, the trio spilled the dirt on all the good, the bad and the ugly of the gun-writing world.

In addition to special guests and timely content, a growing list of corporate sponsors, including Hodgdon Powder, 1791 Gunleather, Kimber Mfg. Co. and Berger Bullets, has also helped contribute to the podcast’s marked success.

Wheat concludes, “I believe the key to our success week in and week out is the value and quality we provide to the audience (and our sponsors). We have a stupidly simple formula: Interesting topics and a focus on guests rather than the host. We try to keep it easy, lighthearted and straightforward so listeners don’t have to wade through a bunch of inside jokes, superfluous host chatter and other things not relating to the topic at hand. We do our best to provide the information — and entertainment — listeners are seeking without wasting their time. So far, it’s working better than anyone expected.”

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