Friday, October 8, 2021

Mantis Announces All-New Mantis Blackbeard

Mantis Tech is stoked to announce the launch of the Mantis Blackbeard. Like all Mantis products, the Blackbeard helps every shooter improve.

Using electromechanical wizardry, Blackbeard allows you to take up to 10 dry fire shots per second, quickly resetting the hammer between each shot. A laser is also momentarily emitted from the barrel on every shot to give point of impact feedback, and can be adjusted and zeroed for any desired training scenario.

Installation takes less than a minute. Break open your AR-15 upper, remove the bolt carrier group, drop in Blackbeard, replace the pin, and put the Blackbeard magazine in place to provide the power. Nothing is modified in the trigger group, and it behaves exactly the same with an identical weight, break, and reset. Nothing else is modified on the AR-15, allowing shooters to train with their own gear.

“This incredible product has been the culmination of over two years of countless prototypes and creative engineering,” says Engineering Manager Christopher Glabrous. “Dealing with additional challenges with chip shortages and supply chain delays, the team has pulled off a remarkable feat.”

In a feeble attempt of making a boring press release less so, Mantis has decided to provide a haiku for your reading pleasure, courtesy of a Mantis engineer who desires anonymity:

Blackbeard in your gun

Dry fire magic is released

Pew pew pew pew pew

The Mantis Blackbeard allows the shooter to take up to 10 shots per second. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it can power up to 100,000 shots on a single charge. Backed by incredible customer service and an unparalleled warranty, the Mantis Blackbeard is certain to be a staple in every AR-15 owner’s arsenal.

Founded in 2014, Mantis Tech has a singular mission: help all shooters suck less. Combining patented technology with mind-numbing algorithms, Mantis Tech leads innovation in an industry that often heralds a color change as revolutionary. Learn more at, via email ( or phone (630-551-8171).