Friday, June 4, 2021

“Where’s All The Ammo?” June Shooting Industry Asks The Impossible Question

“Despite the challenges we’ve faced, we’re operating on all cylinders,” informs Seth Swerczek, Hornady Mfg. Inc.’s marketing communications manager. “We’re making and shipping more ammo — truthfully — than we ever have before.”

In a special three-part examination into the current state of the ammunition market, Shooting Industry asked ammunition manufacturers, distributors and dealers the impossible question: “Where’s all the ammo?” Their collective insights offer some perspective on meeting the challenges during this truly unprecedented period, and also point to silver linings.

In “It’s All Fun & Games,” Rex Gore (president, Black Wing Shooting Center) and Jessica Ulrich (co-owner, Marksman Indoor Range) share how their facilities have capitalized on interest of new gun owners in the shooting sports to boost profits and create repeat customers. As Gore points out, “It doesn’t do anyone any good if they buy a gun and stick it in their closet and never do anything with it.”

Firearms and ammunition aren’t the only products flying off store shelves in record numbers — the midrange archery segment is experiencing a sales boon of its own as well. “A Strong Draw” highlights strategies, customer behaviors and product innovation dealers attribute to the recent surge in mid- to high-end equipment sales.

In the Personal Defense Market installment, Massad Ayoob interviews Tiffany Johnson, a Black attorney and part of Rangemaster Firearms Training Services, who lends tips on how dealers can continue on the track of boosting diversity. June’s Arms & The Woman column debunks a common myth as Mia Anstine argues many women actually prefer large-caliber handguns. Pat Covert suggests knives are the perfect complement to firearms, and boosting sales in the lucrative segment is as easy as 1, 2, 3 in Best Practices.

A special online-only feature by Ashley McGee, “Set Your Sights On Deer Season,” shares perspectives from dealers on how they’re preparing for the fall deer hunting season — and how they plan to overcome the significant roadblock of ammunition options.

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