Friday, January 8, 2021

Bangers Adds of Liberty Ammunition

Bangers is pleased to announce the expansion of its’s ammunition category assortment with the recent addition of the Liberty Ammunition.

Liberty’s Civil Defense product line functions differently than any other self-defense rounds in the market. Liberty’s unique ammunition construction is comprised of a lead free, copper monolithic, nickel plated bullet design, utilizing a nickel-plated brass case. Composed of a lightweight, deep cavernous solid copper BTHP bullet provides exceptional barrier penetration with explosive kinetic energy transfer and soft tissue destruction. With 38% less felt recoil, 75% more velocity, and 30% more kinetic energy, Civil Defense demonstrates significant performance advantages when comparing to other top self-defense rounds. Civil Defense is available in the ten most popular handgun calibers ranging from .380ACP to 10MM.

The all new Ultra-Light 9mm+P load is nearly 50% lighter than copper jacketed lead alternatives, providing increased comfort for concealed carry applications. Utilizing Shell Shock Technologies™ proprietary NAS³two-piece aluminum shell case construction, the uniform self-lubricating case is 50% lighter and 2x stronger than standard brass cases. The nickel-plated solid aircraft grade aluminum base is reloadable and made here in the USA.

The Animal Instinct product line shares the same design and performance characteristics as the Civil Defense line with the addition of a thicker base to provide deeper penetration in some of the worlds toughest big game animals. The incredible terminal performance Animal Instinct achieves is sure to drop big game right in their tracks. Animal Instinct is currently loaded in three popular hunting calibers .300AAC, .308Win, and .30-06Sprg.

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