Friday, September 16, 2022

M250 Aluminum Climbing Sticks

At Millennium Treestands®, we understand the passion and the drive to go further, hunt harder, and remain undetected in the whitetail woods. The desire and will to be versatile in the woods and hunt smart directly relates to the adaptability and reliability of the tools at hand.

The M250 Aluminum Hang On Climbing Sticks were born with mobility and flexibility in mind. Their lightweight, rigid, single tube aluminum construction and stackable design make the M250 easy to pack, bringing unparalleled treestand tactics to the backwoods and off the beaten path.

Double loop connection straps ensure quick deployment, and the no metal-on-metal design ensures hunt stand ascents and descents that are silent. Alternating, sure traction, anti-slip angled steps save on weight while providing increased foot clearance.

The versatile design can be used on any healthy tree, even crooked trees. When the hunt calls for the next level in portability, stealth, and reliability, the M250 Hang On Sticks by Millennium Treestands will deliver. No assembly is required, and the sticks are ready right out of the box. Available in a helpful 4-pack set, the Millennium M250 Aluminum Climbing Sticks are the perfect tool for high-achieving hunters.

M250 Aluminum Climbing Sticks Features:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Single Tube design
  • Alternating steps with sure traction angled design for increased foot clearance
  • Anti-slip step
  • Double loop connection straps with easy pull cam buckle
  • Stackable design for easy transport
  • No moving parts and no metal-to-metal contact
  • No assembly required
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards recognized by TMA

M250 Aluminum Climbing Sticks Specs:

  • Model #: M-250-00
  • UPC #: 865775000453
  • Material: Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs. each
  • Length: 32 in. each
  • Width: 6 in. each
  • Step Distance: 10 in.

For more information, please visit WWW.MILLENNIUMSTANDS.COM.