Friday, January 8, 2021

Meprolight Increases Production And Expands Warehouse Capacity

2020 continued the unprecedented sales of guns, ammo and optics. First-time buyers are at a record pace and there aren’t any signs of it letting up. In times of turmoil, individuals become more cognizant of the need to protect themselves and those around them, especially their families. Your customers, especially the first-time gun owners depend on you for direction and product on hand. Meprolight ® understands you need the product in-house to sell and has taken steps to assist you.

The Meprolight® management team recognized the signs early on and increased production to prevent shortages. Seeing no evidence of a let-up in demand, they recently increased production again in addition to expanding warehouse capacity in the U.S. “Seeing the increased demand for high grade optics and tritium powered, self-illuminating day/night sights , we increased our warehouse capacity in December to ensure our inventory levels will continue to meet demand. Our dealers can’t sell it if they don’t have it” says Bill Yerby, General Manager and V.P. Sales & Marketing, Meprolight U.S.

Meprolight® is the leading international industry manufacturer of high-grade electro-optics and self-illuminating day/night sights for pistols, rifles and shotguns. Products include the MEPRO RDS Pro V2, MEPRO Self-Illuminating Day/Night Sights and the ever popular MEPRO M21.

To become a Meprolight™ Dealer or to learn about other outstanding Meprolight™ optics and the full line of self-illuminated day/night sights, visit: Meprolight.US or call (717) 985-4482.