Friday, March 17, 2023

Taurus USA Drops Big Savings on Popular Semi-Autos

Everyone loves saving money, and now Taurus is saving you even more on our proven and reliable semi-auto pistol lineup. From March 15th through June 18th, we’re offering a $25 rebate on any new Taurus G3 pistol, except the G3c, and double that on any GX4 series pistol. That’s right, a $50 rebate on any of the pistols in the award-winning GX4 line up.

What guns are covered by this? In the G3 line, you can get the new G3 Tactical, or a plain optics ready model, or even the G3XL, our longslide carry gun. On the GX4 side, it’s anything. Want an optics ready compact carry gun that holds 13 rounds? The GX4 T.O.R.O. is calling your name.

No matter which Taurus 9mm you end up selecting, you’ll enjoy getting out to the range and getting some shooting done! Use those rebate savings to get more ammo, right? For more information: