Friday, June 4, 2021

GATCO Sharpeners Exhibit at Blade Show - Booth #4

GATCO® Sharpeners, one of the highest quality products in the manual sharpening industry, invites Blade Show guests to Booth #4 June 4-6, 2021 in Atlanta, GA, to discover the multiple of sharpening tools that keep your world sharp.

GATCO produces some of the finest sharpening equipment in the world and offers several different types of sharpeners to accommodate pocket knives, bowies, folders, and even household kitchenware. These products include various pocket, carbide, and sharpening systems that are affordably priced and manufactured under strict quality control. Each sharpener is designed to provide a professional edge (serrated knives, too) and is simple to operate.

If you love sharpening knives with stone, stop by the booth and see the new GATCO Arkansas Tri-Hone Sharpening System. Featuring a coarse silicon carbide stone, a 100% natural Arkansas medium stone, and a 100% natural Arkansas fine stone, this three-stone sharpening system mounts on a natural wood triangle for an elevated work surface, making it easy to sharpen outdoor knives, kitchenware, chisels, wood carving instruments, and more.

While in the booth, check out the 40001 GATCO Edgemate Carbide Knife Sharpener, engineered to ensure a fast, safe means to restore a sharp cutting edge to dull blades. The Edgemate Carbide Knife Sharpener is a must for the kitchen, toolboxes, tackle box, and field pack. This sharpener is crafted from 6061-T2 structural grade aluminum with tungsten carbide sharpening bits set at a 35-degree angle. The 40001 GATCO Edgemate Carbide Knife Sharpener ensures lightning-fast sharpening and provides a durable edge to all plain edge knives.

One of the most popular sharpeners is the compact and lightweight GATCO Scepter 2.0—the ultimate survival aid when sharpening and fire starting are necessary. Its unique design and CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum body encloses a 1.75" magnesium fire rod that is conveniently covered by the diamond sharpener to add value and save space. The 3.3" 320 mesh tapered and grooved diamond rod sharpener will sharpen serrated edges, pointed instruments, and even fish hooks. A tungsten carbide sharpener is easy to use and with a couple pass-throughs helps to maintain a razor-sharp edge on all plain-edged knives. Each component has precision machined threads and includes an outer O-ring to keep out the elements. A lanyard hole is an added feature for users on the go, accommodating a paracord to secure the tool during transport.

Learn more about GATCO products visit us at the 2021 Blade Show - booth #4, visit or call 256-435-2227