Friday, September 15, 2023

Cold Steel’s Jimi Slash Competition Chopper

Finally, victory is within your grasp! Introducing the ultimate tool for champion choppers and competitive enthusiasts alike: the Jimi Slash Competition Chopper, new from Cold Steel®.

Cold Steel, a renowned name in the world of outdoor and survival gear, is proud to introduce this one-of-a-kind blade—a game-changing masterpiece designed for champions and competitive enthusiasts who demand the most from their tools when it comes to performance, power, precision and more.

Crafted in collaboration with renowned blade expert and enthusiast, Jimi Slash, this knife embodies his years of experience in competition chopping and the extreme enthusiasm he is spreading for the sport. Having withstood over a year of brutal testing to reach its current form, every aspect of the Competition Chopper is a testament to Jimi's keen eye for design and functionality. Case in point: it’s certified by the esteemed Blade Sports International Inc. after proving its mettle in the most demanding competitions in the world, during which it repeatedly delivered devastating blows with both force and precision.

“Only the first 1,000 of these knives will be serialized,” said Jamin Horst, Brand Manager. “Which makes this so much more than just another knife; it makes the Jimi Slash a true collector’s piece and force to be reckoned with in the world of competitive chopping as well.”

Forged with relentless precision and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of competition, this blade is destined to redefine the art of chopping. At the heart of the Jimi Slash lies an astonishing 10-inch blade expertly crafted from CPM 3V high-carbon steel to deliver unmatched power. Its razor-sharp convex edge improves cutting and chopping efficiency, while reducing overall resistance through each swing.

Aiding users in maintaining both a solid grip and confidence with each strike, the ergonomic polypropylene handle delivers ultra-secure grip, even when users’ hands are wet, ensuring they’re in control no matter the scenario. And, after the competition chopper has done its job and won the day, it stores away in a beautiful, handmade leather sheath.

“Cold Steel’s long history of delivering cutting-edge tools that empower champions in their respective fields lives on in the Jimi Slash Competition Chopper,” said Horst, “by offering competitors a tool that's not just exceptional to wield, but also transformative to the overall experience of doing so.”

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