Friday, November 18, 2022

Black Gold Introduces Mountain Lite Dual Trac

The Black Gold Dual Trac™ Sight changed the game in target visibility. Now it’s available in a lighter and more compact option with our Mountain Lite™ base. The Mountain Lite Dual Trac. The Mountain Lite base aligns the head closer toward the shooter, which effectively reduces pin gap for greater forgiveness in range estimation.

As with the Dual Trac, the Mountain Lite Dual Trac still provides increased target visibility while providing dual aiming points.

Additionally, it features:

  • The double, independently adjustable Pro Pins™ feature a more defined aiming point and less target obstruction than multiple horizontal pins.
  • The Dual Indicator System™ reduces time and movement. It features a yardage needle for shorter distances and a second needle for longer-range shooting, virtually eliminating game-spooking movement.
  • Black Gold’s patented Photochromatic Technology® automatically tempers light, optimizing pin visibility in any light condition to keep you in the hunt longer.
  • Triple-axis adjustability, ensuring the sight is perfectly squared to the bow. This increases accuracy in any shooting condition, including extreme shooting angles.
  • Standard windage and elevation adjustability.

As with all Black Gold Sights, it’s made in the USA and features an unconditional guarantee.

The Mountain Lite Dual Trac two-pin sight. Lighter, more compact, and reduces pin gap.

Only from Black Gold Sights.

As with all Black Gold sight, it features our UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: If the original owner has a part break for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

They are also Made In The USA!

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