Friday, January 13, 2023

APEX GEAR Adds Dual-Jaw Index-Finger Release

One essential accessory in bowhunting is the release. A reliable, smooth, and functional release boosts shooting confidence and helps the bowhunter fill the freezer each fall. For 2023, APEX Gear adds the Terminus Dual Jaw BOA Release to its impressive lineup of top-tier archery gear.

Fitted with a BOA Fit System wrist strap, there are no game-spooking Velcro or leather buckle holes that will wear and tear. With the BOA Fit System, tighten the BOA knob and get a perfect, customized fit every time. Low-friction CNC stainless steel machined dual jaws prevent D-loop wear, and the torque-free rotating/pivoting head reduces accuracy-robbing torque. A forward trigger position allows the shooter to find and feel the trigger to minimize trigger punch, and the sear-less firing mechanism boosts shot-to-shot feel and consistency.

An index-finger release is an excellent option for target shooters and bowhunters alike. The strap-to-the-wrist design means the release is always ready, and the Terminus’ adjustable release positions allow the shooter to shorten or lengthen the release post by turning the release clockwise or counterclockwise along a threaded rod.

The Terminus Dual Jaw BOA Release is available through shooting sports retailers and online at

Terminus Dual Jaw BOA Release Features:

? Patented BOA Fit System wrist strap

? Sear-less firing mechanism

? Torque-less 360 degree rotating head

? Low-friction CNC stainless steel machined jaws

? Synchronized jaw movement

? Nitride finished trigger and jaws

? Forward trigger position

? Pivoting release head

? Adjustable release positions

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