Friday, November 18, 2022

Smooth Perfection Is Here With The 2023 Bowtech SS34

The SS34 is undeniably one smooth machine from start to finish. The optimized DeadLock Cam System is specifically designed to provide precision and locked-in accuracy combined with the smoothest draw ever in a bow. The ultra-stable 34” axle-to-axle further increases shot-to-shot accuracy. Not only smooth on the draw but virtually vibration free due to the Orbit Dampeners® being strategically placed in-line with the string path. When nothing but smooth will do, the SS34 is perfection in shooting bliss.

The silky-smooth DeadLock Cam System on the SS34 not only provides the most comfortable experience ever but also provides pinpoint, hair-splitting accuracy like no other cam system on the market. Plus, it provides ease of tuning, accuracy, and smooth draw that is locked in for all-season confidence.

“With the SS34, smooth really is an understatement,” said Dave Parker, Vice President of Marketing. “It’s smooth on the draw and the shot. Plus, the new skeletonized riser perfects the balance and reduces weight. Top it off with the unrivaled accuracy of the DeadLock Cam System. Bowtech set the bar in the evolution of a smooth shooting bow. With the SS34, it’s perfected.”

Optimized in 34" Axle-to-Axle length, it is the perfect combination of compact maneuverability and increased stability. It's the go-to bow for treestand and run-and-gun hunters alike.

The SS34 is also packed with other unmatched innovations:

  • Dual Lock™ Pockets lock every component in the entire bow structure as one for the most rigid, accuracy-producing platform possible.
  • The Integrate Mounting System®. This dovetail mounting system is machined directly in the riser to maximize security and eliminate rest movement. Works with all rests featuring the IMS option.
  • Strategically positioned Orbit Dampeners, inset in-line with the travel of the string, further reducing unwanted vibration and noise on the shot.
  • FlipDisc®, allows the shooter to customize the draw cycle to adapt to their shooting style.

When it comes to smoothness, the SS34 is perfection.

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