Friday, November 22, 2019

MonsterMeal Attractant and Protein Block

MonsterMeal® Wildlife feed and attractants were designed with one purpose, to improve the experience of its users. MonsterMeal® Attractant is a high protein, digestible formula that deer seek. Every ingredient has an odor profile that wildlife naturally identify as food. Take that attraction, add the nutrition that they need to prepare for the rigors of the rut and winter stress, and the end result is a product that deer simply can’t resist.

For 2019, MonsterMeal® reformulated their Protein Block to improve attraction and consumption in a convenient 23% protein block. The MM Protein Block has all of the natural aromas of the Attractant, with the addition of cracked corn, roasted soybeans, and other specially selected grain products that are beneficial to wildlife and highly desirables well.

“MonsterMeal® has always wanted to provide a great, nutritionally sound product,” says Brand Manager, Blake Davis. “We continually try to refine the MonsterMeal® line of feed and attractants. Based on the outstanding attraction of the original MonsterMeal® Attractant, the MM block was formulated to give superior results in the field. The MM Protein block reformulation is getting incredible reviews from consumers and the consumption rate is ideal for hunting and at camera sites. Users have been reporting spectacular success with species such as deer, bear, moose, elk, mule deer and hogs. They’re all attracted to MonsterMeal®. The products and our hunters have been reporting outstanding consistency with our products.”

MM Blocks can be used all year long to ensure biologically sound support, producing stronger, healthier, bigger deer, more deer, and more fawns. Draw them in and keep them coming back with animal attraction, premium nutrition, and superior results from the MonsterMeal® Protein Block. For more information, visit MonsterMeal®.