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August 30, 2013   |   Category: Product News
Three Knives for Hunting Season from Bear & Son
When you are already in the middle of your hunt, you don't want to suddenly realize you should have brought another knife with you to get everything done just right. Bear & Son suggests three knives that cover every task efficiently.

Their 753 Upswept Skinner has a 3-1/8" hollow-ground blade made of 440 stainless steel and a Stag Delrin® handle. Its overall length is 7-1/4" and it weighs 3.3 oz. Complete with a quality leather sheath it has an MSRP of $42.99.

Not every hunter uses a knife with a guthook, but those who do have learned to appreciate the benefits. When it's time to skin an animal, you don't want to work with a dull, useless blade. The Bear & Son 444 Fixed-Blade Guthook works like a zipper and makes short work of skinning, and gets you back in the hunt. Overall, it's 8-3/8" with a 4" double-purpose hollow-ground blade and a slip-resistant black or orange Kraton® handle to provide a sure grip. It weighs 4.4 oz. With an MSRP of $45.99, it comes with a quality leather sheath.

Probably the most versatile knife you could carry in the field is the Bear & Son 460GH Folding Guthook and Blade. In this one knife, which folds closed to a compact 5-1/4", you have a hollow-ground 3-5/8" clip blade, a guthook and an efficient wood or bone saw that all lock solidly in place for safety. The handle is black Kraton. Weighing 4.2 oz. it comes in a ballistic sheath and has an MSRP of $55.49.

As is true for all Bear & Son knives, these three hunting knives are made in the USA, and are backed by Bear's Lifetime Warranty. For more about their full line of quality knives, visit www.bearandsoncutlery.com.

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